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September 08, 2006



use a comma or small letter p to enter a pause on the Q


I hope all is well, just a quick question about the Motorola Q PDA, when it synchronises with outlook, does it also include the categories and groups or does it just do the name, telephone, address, etc ?

The reason why am asking is because most phones these days do synchronise with Microsoft outlook but only Nokia does it fully including groups, categories etc. But I do like the Motorola Q


Hi, Pierre.

I keep forgetting to post this!

To insert pauses in speed dial so you can use it to automatically enter passwords using the Moto Q, just put a lc "p" -- or in some cases, two ps -- between the phone number and the password. It will then dial, pause while the system says "please enter your password" or whatever, and then resume entering the password digits.

- Matt

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