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November 04, 2006


Sacha Foucard

I’m from Canada and I’m fairly new at this smartphone business. I just bought my self an unlocked HTC Dash. My current cell phone provider (Fido) does not offer any services for smartphones but they have some of the best rates in Canada. I mainly bought this phone in order to carry around one device instead of several, My questions is regarding Wi Fi, do I have to get a plan with my cell phone provider to use the Wi Fi or can I just pay at any Hotspot to use the service without incurring any fees from my provider?

Looking forward to your reply concerning my Wi Fi question, I will receive the phone next week.


Sacha Foucard

Answer: Thanks for your question Sacha. The Wi-Fi on the HTC Dash should detect the available Wi-Fi networks that are around, and should allow you to use the ones that are open for public use, and login and pay to those that require authorization and payment. Knowing that I had the T-Mobile account which included the Hotspot access, I didn't have to pay at any of the T-Mobile hotspots, so I don't have any additional observations relating to the login/payment process. But I will be eager to hear from you once you get your device and get connected. Good luck!


I live in Canada, and will attempt to buy an unlocked Dash. If I end up getting an HTC Excalibur version (ie. not T-MOBILE version, do you expect that the nice touches that you mentioned (like numbered menus) will be in non-T-Mobile versions as well? I appreciate that this is a specific question, and it may not be appropriate to answer in your posts...in that case, feel free to email if you have time to answer this. Again...kudos on your "experiment" project.

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