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June 19, 2007


Pierre Khawand

Thanks for your note. Relating to the Moto S9, I still haven't worked with it yet. I will make sure to write about it hopefully in the near future.

Great to hear about your BlackJack experience. Feel free to submit a case study when you are ready! and Good luck with your effort.


It's been interesting following your review - what conclusions have you drawn? I'm particualrly interested in the Moto S9 headphones, as I'm tired of the tether of wired headphones. I recently tried an 8525 on super discount ($99 on 2 yr contract) and went back to the Blackjack in three days. I just can't escape the small size and integrated phone capability over the bigger screen of the 8525. I've also converted full time to the larger battery and was surprised it added very little to size (in fact, I like the flat back as opposed to the camera bump that stuck out before - a very elegant after market add-on; would have been even better if origianlly designd that way).

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