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August 14, 2006



The modem feature sounds very useful and economical. Can you tell me if Can I receive and make calls while using it as a modem?

Chris Snethen

A cool idea indeed. I'm looking at getting a 700p in the next few weeks (my $100 Verizon loyalty credit kicks in next Friday plus they're now offering a $100 rebate online). Will be very interested to watch your results over the next several days.


Cool idea for a blog! I'm going to pay close attention to your experiment because it's time for me to enter the 21st Century and get a PDA of some sort. Is PDA still the correct terminology or should I say, "handheld device"? I wonder what they call them in Italy?

Answer: Thanks Tamsen! You can call them Smartphones, or handheld devices, or PDA/Phone combo's. PDA (Personal Digial Assistant) refers to the organizer part, usually including the calendar, contact list, task list, etc. Not sure what they call them in Italy. Once you find out, please let me know.

Best of luck in selecting a device in the upcoming period,
- Pierre

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