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August 19, 2006


Chris Snethen

Another observation from today is that no charging from the car charger was necessary. The Treo 700p seems to be work well for a whole day after having been in the charger overnight, which is the pattern that I have been following.

Do you think this is because you don't talk much on the device? Don't Bluetooth much? I plan to do mostly e-mail, web, talk, and mp3 in that order. You're thinking an overnight charge should be sufficient to carry that through the day? That would be great.

Good stuff on the 700p. I'm looking forward to getting it.

Answer: Good to hear you're finding the content helpful Chris, and that you are getting closer to making a decision. In terms of the battery life of the Treo 700p, my experience so far has been positive, and charging the device overnight seems to do the trick. Last Thursday I did use the device extensively (most of the day), including all the areas you mentioned above (and a Bluetooth headset), and the battery did well throughout, and it wasn't until late in the day when the battery status icon was showing the warning sign.

Good luck,
- Pierre

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