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November 17, 2006


John P

Has Cingular improved call signal on the 8525 over the 8125? I run a PR firm and have been a 8125 customer for a number of months. It does everything great, except phone signal is weak and it drops calls more than my old Nokia.

Dennis J. Garbis

Hope I'm not bringing up a question that you've already addressed, but what are your thoughts/experience of non-mechanical keyboard (stylus input) devices? I am using a newly acquired Tablet PC and LOVE it. I would enjoy the larger screen that a smartphone of this type would present.

thanks in advance for your response.


Answer: Thank Dennis for your comment. The T-Mobile MDA and Cingular 8525 (and Sprint and Verizon have similar ones too) have the larger screens with stylus. They do also have the sliding keyboards. My experience with the T-Mobile MDA was okay but not impressive. So I am not sure if I would recommend these types of phones yet. If you are already using a Tablet PC (and getting the benefit of the large screen and touchscreen) you may want your smartphone to be different instead of duplicating the same capabilities with your smartphones. So what comes to mind would be devices such as the BlackBerry Pearl, T-Mobile Dash, Motorola Q, and Cingular 3125. Just a thought.

Good luck,
- Pierre

Bill Pena

I think you're right on about usability, Pierre. The other slim smartphones I mentioned have features that make me wish I could choose them -- the Blackjack is a particularly strong example -- but if the user interface doesn't "click" with me, the added features are useless. I'll never get around to really taking advantage of all the features if I won't want to put up with the frustrations.

Have you considered reviewing the Sidekick 3, at least for comparison? It's not exactly a business smartphone, but it has a great keyboard and trackball, really easy user interface, and many of the PIM and communication features that people are looking for in some of these other devices. The OS, and the entire image, is too cartoony and young for most business professionals, but there are definitely lessons that can be learned from the Sidekick's usability.

Answer: Thanks Bill for your feedback. In terms of Sidekick, I did actually consider it. However when it came to the latest devices that were released on the market, there was no room left for the Sidekick. It is for sure an innovative device, and as you mentioned, it is not perceived as a business device. I will take a closer look at the user interface next time I visit the T-Mobile store. Thanks for your comment.
- Pierre

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