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November 07, 2006



Any informtion on if Cingular will pick this phone up?

Answer: I doubt that Cingular will pick the HTC Excalibur because they just released the Samsung BlackJack which is very similar in functionality. You may want to check out my review of the BlackJack starting on this date:

Good luck!

steve ikin

My Dash from T-Moblie has a bug. If you connect the smartphone to the desktop or laptop in a Locked state it asks you to unlock the device - which you then do and ActiveSync connects but it display "Synchronizing Folders" for about 5 minutes and then says "There is a communication problem". If you unlock the device and then connect ActiveSync works perfectly. This is not the case with the Motorola Q - if you connect the device in a locked state and it prompts you to unlock it, and ActiveSync syncs correctly.

Antoine of MMM

The main difference between the HTC Excalibur S620 model and TMobile Dash model is the implementation of the JOGGR strip on the right side of the device. Whereas TMobile has made it solely a volume control button, the original implementation of this was a touchpad-like strip that would control page scrolling, volume, and other features.

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