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November 16, 2006


Bill Pena

I tried out a Blackjack at a local Cingular store yesterday, and it is quite impressive in almost every way. It's very fast, the screen is amazing, it feels very solid yet light in the hand, and the HSDPA speed is a huge boon.

However, the keyboard and navigation keys are just too cramped. I tried typing out a couple of sentences, and the error rate was so high for me that I had to write off the device; I found it too frustrating to type on this phone to seriously consider carrying it around for the next couple of years.

For as much as QWERTY keyboards on smartphones are sought-after, I've found that the hybrid Suretype keyboard on the Pearl was easier for me to use than any of the other slim smartphones with full keyboards, like the Q, Blackjack, or Dash. I could knock out a paragraph almost as quickly as I could on a full-sized keyboard (which is *very* fast) and Suretype got it right 99% of the time. Much better experience than the Blackjack.

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