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November 22, 2006


Don Kelly

The T-mobile Dash - seems to be getting lots of positive reviews (blompo.com lists most of them). I was all set to buy it but then I went to the store to try it and decided not to get it. Why?

1) Keyboard - not too bad, but still like the Treo - all squished together. My old blackberry 7230 is much better in this (and only this) regard. As you said - sometimes a quick email needs to be quick and not messed up and retyped because of the keyboard.

2) Slow - it seemed to take too long to switch from one program to another. Perhaps my Dell Axim X50v has ruined me on 200mhz devices. The Axim is snappy and can do a number of things at once. (Of course it doesn't have a phone). I might go for one of the new HTC devices to come out next year with upgraded horsepower.

3) Small screen - I am at that stage where I can still get around with out glasses - but I need them for small print (like classified ads in the newspaper and small print on maps and medicine bottles). The Dash screen just seems too small. Again the Axim X50v has spoiled me I guess. Maybe it isn't an eyesight thing but rather my desire for a bigger screen to view websites more easily (like the VGA screen on the Axim).

4) My Blackberry 7230 still gets me to most of the websites I need to see on the run. Granted it is slow and you have to be able to decipher mangled html usually - but it still works for most sites and costs NOTHING since I already have it. In fact, the service for the DASH with T-mobile will run me $10 more each week - for a two year contract that is $240 plus the $100 to get the dash - too much extra to pay for not that much more.

I am interested in any feddback you have. Thanks for the site.

Answer: Thanks for your observations, and coming from the BlackBerry 7230, the above is quite understandable. All things considered, and if the multi-media features (such as camera & music) are not of primary interest to you, then the BlackBerry 8700 might be the better device for you. Good luck and thank again for your note.
- Pierre.

Alex T.

Thank you for an excellent series on Cingular 3125. Had I read it sooner, it would have made my purchase decision that much easier. I am glad I ended up getting this phone and am looking forward to retracing your steps in getting acquainted with it.

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